Linda Hogan ‘VH1’ Relationship Rehab Reality Show

Pro wrestler Hulk Hogan’s 52-year-old ex-wife, Linda Hogan has signed up for “Relationship Rehab” a new reality show, with her 23-year-old fiance.

The new “Relationship Rehab” show will air on VH1 and is a spin-off of “Celebrity Rehab.”

Linda Hogan and Charlie Hill began dating soon after it was announced that the Hogan’s were separating. Hill was 19-years-old at the time.

Now the couple has agreed to participate on the show to try to help their apparently crumbling relationship.

Linda at the same time is also being sued by Hulk over her book she released, witch Hulk claims she lies about him and defames his name in. Linda made the claim that Hulk had extra-marital homosexual relations while they where married both in the book and on national talk shows. Hulk is claiming none of it is true.

A year after the Hogan’s divorce was finalized in 2009, Hill proposed to Linda. Taping has already begun for “Relationship Rehab,” and rapper DMX and his wife will join them on the show.