Lindsay Lohan Facing Potential Legal Problems From Car Crash

Even as the Lindsay Lohan camp had been trying to float several different stories in the press about how her car accident last week was not her fault, she had apparently lied to the cops about who was actually driving at the time, but was caught when her assistant told them she was the driver.

The Porsche that Lohan had rented and was traveling in with her assistant, named Gavin, ended up running into the back of a dump truck on the Pacific Coast Highway last Friday. The car was totaled and with only minor injuries, Lohan and Gavin could crawl out the passenger side of the car.

Lohan’s management team instantly tried to place blame in other places for the accident so not to ruin Lindsay’s reputation they were trying to restore. One story was that the dump truck driver cut them off, which many witnesses have now disputed. Then they tried to say the accident was caused by a brake failure in the sports car.

However, TMZ is reporting Lohan herself started to deflect any wrong doing by saying her assistant was driving when questioned by police later at the hospital, and even quickly sent out a tweet saying the same thing.

“I was in a massive accident. I wasn’t driving … Gavin was,” she posted.

The police soon caught Lohan in a lie when they went and interviewed Gavin separately, and he admitted to them that it was actually Lohan who had been driving. Now according to TMZ police will include in the accident report that Lohan had lied, which could hurt her with her current probation arrangements, for providing false information to authorities.

TMZ was also reporting that the truck driver, had been confronted by Gavin right after the accident with a bribe to keep quiet as Lohan was looking for a way to flee the scene. Lohan’s rep is denying the trucker’s claims saying he is just looking for a payday from the tabloids.

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