Lindsay Lohan Inks Deal With Playboy

Lindsay Lohan will soon be the front cover on Playboy. The men’s magazine paid nearly $1 million for Lohan to be photographed nude at a Beverly Hills mansion. Lindsay was at the photo shoot yesterday (October 25).

Now, nobody’s confirming whether the actress who once said she wouldn’t do a nude scene had changed her mind on the naked-for-my-art front, but she was in fact spotted heading into a California mansion for a photo shoot her mom later said “went well.”

All indications point toward a deal that seems very real, and it also appears to be something that the actress did to have some extra monty put toward the court-ordered counseling her lawyer said Lindsay couldn’t afford — like, more than 750,000 bucks but less than the million she wanted.

Lohan’s current rep, Steve Honig, had a “no comment” for the Ministry, after telling E! News he could “neither confirm or deny at this time” what his client was up to. The actress went to a Beverly Hills mansion Monday for what a source told E! was the first day of a two-day, top-secret, non-nude spread for the January issue of the mag.

“The photo shoot went well,” mom Dina Lohan said Tuesday to X17 Online, which had pictures of Lilo arriving at the mansion, allegedly with younger sis Ali in tow.

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Last week, attorney Shawn Chapman Holley told Judge Stephanie Sautner that Lohan’s problems completing probation as ordered stemmed in part from the reality that job opportunities for the actress and model, who supports her family, were primarily overseas.

Playboy previously pursued its dream of a nude Lohan in 2009, offering a million bucks and getting a “not considering it at this time” in return, a former spokeswoman told Gossip Cop that September.

Her “Machete” character’s topless scenes in 2010 reportedly were the work of a body double.

“I’m not going to do a nude scene,” Lohan told “Access Hollywood” in 2005. “Then there’s no mystery for my private life.” In the years that would follow, various body parts would be caught flashing and slipping by paparazzi cameras, but while promoting “Herbie: Fully Loaded,” Lindsay Lohan said, “I think there’s other things you can do to show people you have talent.”

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