Lindsay Lohan Looks Horrible As Bleached Blonde

Lindsay Lohan is now a bleached blonde and looked well beyond her 25 years wearing a fitted white Tom Ford dress, which was mid-length and had a V-shaped neckline and sleeves.

The best photos of Lindsay Lohan are from her days in court when she wore the popular white dress, but she looked different, and most people are calling it her Victoria Gotti-esque look.

The actress stepped out on Wednesday at a New York charity event looking roughly twice her real age, with bleached out hair and a matronly white outfit.

The new look has us wondering how she dares to tell her mother, Dina Lohan, that she’s the one who needs a makeover.

“[Lindsay and Ali] are always telling me to cut my hair,” Dina told Us Weekly at Randi Rahm’s Fashion Week cocktail party. “You know, you think you’re fashion forward, and then you have children who are way more, but you make your own look [work]. But it’s hard when your girls are like, ‘Mom, you look scary.'”

While Lindsay is still far from the age at which women are often expected to shorten their hair, the troubled actress could pass for her 49-year-old mother’s twin. With all the Lohan women in town for New York Fashion Week, perhaps a day at the salon for mother-daughter makeovers is in order.

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