Lindsay Lohan Aledges False Report By Battery Accuser

It’s only been a month since Lindsay Lohan completed her probation and now her lawyers are setting their sights on the unidentified female accuser who claims she was pushed around by the actress in a nightclub last week, and further state that she filed a false police report.

The accuser then filed a battery charge against Lohan for the nightclub incident. Now Lohan and Shawn Holley, her lawyer, are going to visit the Los Angeles Sheriffs department to file counter charges against the woman.

On Tuesday Holley stated that his client wanted a false report investigation started on the accuser and wanted investigators to consider a false-report charge against the accuser.

“She was not there,” Lohan publicist Steve Honig told CNN on Monday.

Holley tells TMZ, “If it’s true that someone made false accusations against Ms. Lohan and reported those false claims to police, we will take appropriate action — which includes seeking the prosecution of that individual.”

Apparently, the incident happened on Thursday night at the Standard Hotel’s club on Sunset Boulevard, then the accuser waited to Saturday to file the battery charge.

“You have to wonder about someone who calls the media before the police,” Honig said.

Sgt. Chris Bowman said Monday that a detective was looking into the battery report and as of right now, “It’s just an allegation.”

Filing a false report in California is punishable by up to 6 months in jail if found to be guilty.

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