Lindsay Lohan Goes Into Hysterical Fit Over 'Fire Crotch'

By: Bill Waters
Staff Writer
Published: Jul 25, 2021

Actress Lindsay Lohan gets hysterical and throws a fit as other inmates call her 'fire crotch' in jail.

Lindsay Lohan hysterical fit allegedly occurred on Friday. Jail inmates were calling Lindsay Lohan names such as 'fire crotch' and that led her hysterical fit. Lohan begged the warden to place her in isolation, so that Lindsay could get away from the name calling.

Lohan, 24, went back into her cell and broke down into tears, according to an inmate that was just released. The inmate claims that Lindsay got put on lock down, while others enjoyed two hours of the yard, TV room, and other activities. "She had a hysterical fit, crying and yelling so she got put in isolation," the inmate, who asked to not be identified, said in a statement.

The former inmate claims that others were calling her 'fire crotch' and picking on the actress. The source said: "She was just sitting in her cell staring straight ahead. Sometimes wailing, but mostly just sitting. Some of the inmates in our ward, some of the tougher ones, were yelling 'fire crotch' at her."

The inmate said that everyone starting chanting 'fire crotch' and Lindsay Lohan just sat in her cell, sometimes crying. It seems like the real "Mean Girls" actress is really in jail. We're wondering if Lindsay will come out of jail a changed person or just freaked out and traumatized. Either way, had she not broken probation and missed numerous court dates, she wouldn't be in jail. She thinks that the rules that apply to everyone else don't necessarily apply to Hollywood Lohan stardom.