Lindsay Lohan In Court Today

Lindsay Lohan In Court Today – Lindsey Lohan is excepted back in court today to face a judge about her probation. The troubled star is expected to plead guilty to violating the terms of her probation by quitting community service at Los Angeles refuge, Downtown Women’s Center.

And hard line judge Stephanie Sautner is almost certain to send her back to jail, despite likely pleas for mercy from her lawyer. Shawn Holley is expected to argue that Lindsay is making good progress and present evidence from her therapist.

And she is also relying on reports from the refuge itself, despite her failure to show up on time and to serve the hours she was ordered to work.

Sautner has not revealed what sentence Lindsay is likely to receive this time, but US experts believe it will be longer than the two weeks her lawyer was hoping for.

Previously Judge Sautner ordered Lohan to do 16 hours service at the County Morgue for repeatedly breaking probation terms. They relate to a 2007 drink-driving conviction and necklace theft earlier this year.

Despite proof that Lindsay Lohan has actually put in 24 hours in the grim service at the mortuary, the court is likely to throw the book at her for previous violations. However, it is thought the judge will allow her a day or two to sort out her affairs before going back behind bars.

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