Lindsay Lohan Loses Purse Stuffed With Money

Lindsay Lohan Purse – Lindsay Lohan was vacationing in Hawaii when she attended a house party on Saturday night and lost her purse that was apparently stuffed with money.

The purse itself was a $5,000 Chanel. It also contained her identification along with a passport, probation papers, other forms of identification.

Though the purse itself later was recovered and returned TMZ reports the some $10,000 in cash she had was gone.

According to sources, Lindsay was worried that some important documents stolen with the purse were now lose, which could have potentially landed her in jail once again.

In audio obtained by TMZ, Lindsay Lohan is heard talking to someone about discovering her belongings were missing.

During the chat, she says that the bag was in her car, which was locked but doesn’t have an alarm. She goes on to say that she’ll need the papers that were inside her purse for her next court date in Los Angeles. “I will f—ing kill someone if I even have to get questioned in jail for a year,” Lohan says.