Lindsay Lohan Tanning Salon Could Bring More Legal Troubles

Actress Lindsay Lohan could find herself in more legal trouble, again, after a tanning salon claims that she owes them over $40,000 and even though a judge ordered her to 9 months ago, has yet to pay any of the outstanding bill.

Tanning Vegas says that Lohan charged up a bill for tanning services between 2007 and 2009 that totaled $41,031.60 and hasn’t paid a time towards it, even after she was told to so immediately by a judge 9 months ago.

Salon owner Lorit Simon, filed a suit on the matter against Lohan last November in a Nevada court and is now trying to have the case moved to California so that Lohan’s income can be garnished to have the bill paid.

Lohan just recently settled a suit from a medical staffer at the Betty Ford Clinic for an undisclosed amount over an incident that the staffer had claimed Lohan had crabbed and injured the nurse’s wrist while she was intoxicated.

Trying to rebuild her image and credibility, Lohan had won the role to play Elisabeth Taylor for a Lifetime movie about the former actress’s life and multiple marriages to actor Richard Burton, called “Liz and Dick.”

Lohan has also recently reenacted a Marylin Monroe playboy shoot featured in the magazines first ever issue, by imitating Monroe in a recent shoot of her own for Playboy.

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