Lindsay Lohan Dresses Up For Wardrobe Malfunction

It looks like Lindsay Lohan is certainly back in the swing of things, but this time it’s about a wardrobe malfunction as she was in character as Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Liz and Dick while the cameras were rolling.

Lohan, 25, is featured at The Hollywood Gossip, which has the entire story, including the pics on what happened on the set.

The troubled star was anything but elegant as she struggled to keep her breasts inside a low-cut halter dress while shooting scenes with Grant Bowler.

The actress was snapped yesterday aboard a boat in Marina Del Rey, California, filming a fight scene with Bowler for the film about the tumultuous relationship between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. The set recalls the couple’s trip to the Bay of Naples in 1965 Italy, a year into their first marriage.

She squeezed into a retro 1960s-style sundress, but as she and Bowler argued during this particular scene, the actress’ chest busted out for all to see.

Lohan appeared more amused than upset as she adjusted her dress.

She stayed in the scene, her face continuing to show both anger and fear. But after the take, she tucked backed through the door to readjust her dress. The “Mean Girls” star re-emerged laughing.

The first day of filming the movie, Lohan’s debut project since her legal woes ended, has gone well according to executive producer Larry Thompson. That’s a good thing.

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