​Lisa Rinna Wears Katy Perry Blue Wig For Upcoming ABC Series

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June 4, 2021

Lisa Rinna wore a blue wig to appear as Katy Perry in a photo that was posted on her Instagram account for an upcoming episode of “Sing Your Face Off. Wearing a blue sig, Rinna did a good job adding the neon lipstick and silver eye shadow.

In the snapshot, Rinna looks exactly like the singer’s 2010 California Gurl music video, according to Daily Mail. Much like Perry, “the soap opera star accentuated her complexion with heavy lashes and silver eyeshadow,” the site said. She also looks 20 years younger in the photo.

“Sneak peak. Katy Perry #singyourfaceoff next week sat night 9pm,” Rinna wrote next to the photo.

Expect Lisa Rinna to imitate Perry on “Sing Your Face Off” Season 1, Episode 3 on June 7th.

Rinna’s competitors Sebastian Bach will tackle Willie Nelson, Landry Fields will perform as Enrique Iglesias, Jon Lovitz will take on the role of Billy Idol and China Anne McClain will impersonate Michael Jackson.

Last week Lisa Rinna impressed judges Debbie Gibson and Darrell Hammond with her transformation of Dolly Parton, her fans are hoping she will awe the crowd with Katy.

As for the rest of the cast on “Sing Your Face Off,” Rinna is competing against Sebastian Bach, who will take on a Willie Nelson impersonation while Landry Fields takes on Enrique Iglesias. Jon Lovitz is also competing on the show and he will be impersonating Billy Idol while China Anna McClain is taking on Michael Jackson.

“Sing Your Face Off” has already picked up high ratings, and host John Barrowman recently discussed the new reality series while speaking about his roles in “Doctor Who” as well as “Arrow.”

“What’s been lovely about this show is the fact that it’s an entertainment show, and entertainment competition, and I get to be myself but also get to comment on the things that are happening,” the actor said, according to the Huffington Post.

Barrowman went on the promise a “mindblowing” season of “Sing Your Face Off.”

“They’re mindblowing performances but taken very seriously, filled with a lot of silliness and fun,” he said, before pointing out NBA star Landry Field especially “is going to blow everyone away” when he transforms into a female singer during the show.