Little Couple Surrogate Mother Suffers Miscarriage

Little Couple Miscarriage – ‘The Little Couple,’ known for their reality TV show on TLC, have found out their surrogate mother has suffered a miscarriage. It’s a tragic story that can really break your heart about two people who share the same skeletal dysplasia medical problems and now they lost their child.

Since filming the episode of their reality show where they found out surrogate Cindy was pregnant, they learned the heartbreaking news that she lost the baby.

“Thank you so much for your ongoing support and prayers,” The Little Couple stars told “While the loss of the pregnancy was difficult for us, we remain upbeat and focused on growing our family. The story doesn’t end here… we promise :)”

Saddened by the news of the miscarriage the little couple stated they cried, mourned and comforted each other and decided they would continue trying to start a family, either through a surrogate or through adoption. Apparently, this miscarriage has not changed the fact that they really want children.

“Bill was a rock, and he held me through everything,” Jen said. “By the next morning, I realized that I needed to try again. We were so close and so pregnant with the ultrasound looking good, and so it was horrible for it to end.

“But I couldn’t have said I was done. A lot of family asked, ‘Do you want to go through this again?’ And my answer is, yes. I would be miserable if I didn’t try again.”