LMFAO and Madonna Performing At Super Bowl

LMFAO and Madonna is the focus this week as the NFL prepares for the Super Bowl game on February 5, and from what we hear, the Half Time show is going to be more than people originally thought.

As you can tell, LMFAO’s name has been tossed around for the Madonna spectacular show, and there’s no doubt they will be there. There are several rumors going around, some confirmed, but this performance will rock. It’s amazing, because they have eight minutes to setup the stage, then 12 minutes to perform, and then seven minutes to take it all down and clean the field for the second half of the game.

The Queen of Pop will provide something that can distract you from refilling the Doritos. Besides, she’ll have plenty of backup: as per MTV News, the spectacle is being “imagined” by Cirque du Soleil and Madge’s creative director Jamie King. And then there are all those rumoured guest stars, including a couple late-breaking additions — provided you believe whatever will.i.am tells you.

Cee Lo Green is also rumoured to be featured in Madge’s Super Bowl extraganza. The Insider reports that the singer has been rehearsing with Madonna in New York over the last two weeks, working on new versions of Madonna’s Immaculate Collection of hits.

Neither Team Madonna — nor Team Cee Lo, nor Team LMFAO, nor Team Anyone Connected With the Super Bowl — have confirmed all these rumoured collabs, but then, the same goes for most of the info circulating on the half-time show.

Still, there’s a strong possibility that Nicki Minaj will make an appearance during the performance. The Pink Friday MC is featured on Madonna’s upcoming single, “Give Me All Your Luvin” — and Minaj seems so sure about her involvement in the spectacle, she referenced it in both the song — and just-released music video — for “Stupid Hoes.” M.I.A. also guests on Madonna’s new single, and given the “Paper Planes” rapper is currently promoting a new track of her own (look for “Bad Girls” Jan. 30), a return to the (biggest international) spotlight wouldn’t be any crazier than the thought of Maya doing the Wiggle with Cee Lo and some Muppets.

We will soon find out if LMFAO will take the stage with Madonna for the Super Bowl.

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