Lindsay Lohan Bullied By Cops, Seeks Total Dismiss

Lindsay Lohan is back in court with her lawyer, Mark Heller, to ask the judge to dismiss an accident case because the cops who handled it were rude and she was never read her Miranda Rights.

The actress has been accused of lying to the police about whether or not she was the driver of her Porsche that crashed into a an 18-wheeler truck last June.

The court is asserting that “Mean Girls” star fibbed to the police after the incident.

Heller, her newest lawyer, is saying that the cops did not follow the law when questioning his client. He claims that they bullied her through tough questioning. In addition, her lawyer argues that she wasn’t read her Miranda Rights before being asked whether she was driving her vehicle at the time of the accident.

Lohan is claiming that even though she asked for a lawyer during her questioning, she was not allowed to have one present. She even claims that the cops were “mean” to her.

Law enforcement officials, however, are saying that Lohan’s lawyer was there for the entire time.

Heller also stated that Lindsay was given a DUI test at the hospital which she passed.

Lohan wants the case dismissed, and her lawyer has filed a “Bill of Particulars” with a request to suppress evidence.

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