Lohan’s $1 Million Legal Fees Spent

Lindsay Lohan has had to pay the price of about $1 million for legal fees that she’s spent to handle her troubles with the law and other lawsuits.

It is truly amazing that each time she showed up for court, Lohan was spending thousands of dollars in legal fees that were spent by the minute.

“If you quantify for the past four and a half years she has needed legal representation, you can generalize that with the amount of time, work and legal challenges, probation hearings, court appearances, etc., the legal fees could be no less that hundreds of thousands of dollars and likely over a million,” said attorney Vikki Ziegler.

Lohan actually had to start hiring attorneys in 2005, when she was first sued by two people that claimed they were injured in an auto accident caused by Lohan a year after it actually occurred.

From their the tally just started adding up with a variety of lawsuits and legal troubles mostly involving alcohol abuse and DUI’s. Last year she was facing a suit for a million dollars from a staffer at a clinic that tried to administer a breathalyzer test on Lohan. The staffer claimed that Lohan was hostile and grabbed her wrist and twisted causing injury.

In October of last year she was back in court to face violation of probation charges, in which she was sent back to jail for.

Attorney Joey Jackson told The Huffington Post, “The ultimate amount a client is charged depends upon the nature of the case, its complexity, and the work involved (i.e. motions, hearings, trial expenses, etc).”

Jackson believes that of the 5 times Lohan was sent to jail she had to pay a retainer fee of about $50,000 each time. Then a per hour charge for high profile cases could have run her around the $600 an hour range, but could have been 4 times that much at times due to some of the complications involved in some of her cases.

“Many cases that have such longevity, complications and require media attention always inflate the normal and customary legal fees,” Ziegler said. “I have represented high-profile clients and the added layer of celebrity status injects additional costs and strategy that no one ever discusses.”

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