Lohan, Sheen Bedroom Makes It On FX Channel

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen will feature a bedroom scene for FX’s “Anger Management” as the actress tries again to get her life and career back on track.

Lohan has to appear in court and has reportedly turned down Sheen’s offer to be her “mentor.”

However, Lohan is apparently earning a good reputation on her acting progress report. An insider said she showed up 45 minutes for work and was “incredibly nice” to everyone on the set. She also allowed the crew to get pictures with her.

Some fans speculate that the actress has turned over a new leaf, but it could be Sheen helping her get back on track.

“Lindsay knew her lines cold and her timing was perfect. She was really funny,” the insider said. “You watch her and you know why she became a star.”

The Lohan and Sheen scene features part of the plot where the duo is in bed after just having sex. That was the first scene Lindsay filmed for the upcoming “Anger Management” episode, with more filming to take place tomorrow.

Sheen previously made remarks with regards to providing some mentorship for his fellow actor, Lohan.

“Anger Management” airs on the FX channel.

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