Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Marches To Crowd

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – Macy’s put on a spectacular Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan Thursday as thousands of people took to the streets.

Singers, dancers, marching bands and giant inflatable balloons entertained the festive crowds, many of whom woke before dawn to secure the best vantage point.

“We’ve been up since two o’clock in the morning,” said Jodi Caplan, 40, of Westtown, in upstate Orange County, who brought her two kids to witness the festivities.

“It’s their first parade,” she said as a passing clown threw confetti and high-fived her.

“This is the perfect day – perfect weather.”

The skies were blue and there was a chilly breeze as Sonic the Hedgehog, Julius the Sock Monkey and Mickey Mouse floated serenely down Central Park West to the roar of the crowd.

“Jul-i-us! Jul-i-us!” they chanted at the balloon which was a new addition to the parade this year.

“Santa Claus is my favorite,” said George Richards, 51, of Nanuet, Rockland County, who has attended the parade for 45 years.

“[It’s a] tradition. I’ve got to continue it.”

Macy’s Great American Marching Band, with trombones, tubas and booming drums, kicked off the march at 9 a.m. and journeyed down Central Park West and Sixth Avenue to Macy’s Herald Square.

“The parade makes you enjoy life,” said receptionist Ana Santiago, 34, from Park Slope, Brooklyn.

“You see the kids cheering and celebrating, and that makes the day.”

“It’s a tradition,” she added. “New Yorkers should take advantage of it. You never know what you’ll see.”

Singer Neil Diamond sang to the throngs from aboard one float and the cheers reached fever pitch and cameras flashed furiously when rapper Cee Lo Green appeared on the National Hockey League float.