​Madeleine McCann Parents Death Threat Provokes British Police Investigation In Social Media

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October 3, 2021

The Madeleine McCann parents received a death threat that has prompted the British police to open an investigation for possible charges.

Police are treating the death threats as a serious criminal matter. According to The Inquisitr, the McCann family has received a lot of abuse over the past six years from online critics who believe they are somehow responsible for the young girl’s disappearance. The 3-year-old girl disappeared in 2007 while her family was on vacation in Portugal. She was left alone in her hotel room while her parents were nearby having dinner.

Critics have been following the Madeleine McCann parents and making so many death threats that it has prompted the British police to seek charges. Authorities have saved dozens of pages of tweets, Facebook and other social media posts and sent them to prosecutors. Some of the trolls have been identified.

But what police find disturbing are the calls for the couple to be assassinated. Some of the postings include doctored images of the McCann family being run over by vehicles. Some of the critics are also confronting the family in front of their home.

Some of the postings include the words “These 2 should burn in hell” and “I will supply the petrol” while others include direct threats; “We need some numbers for some assassins on taps,” and “I hope that the McCanns are living in total misery.” Some of the people are even asking foreign “terrorist” to murder the McCann family.

The Examiner reported that on one hand, “the investigation into the disappearance of their daughter has not given any conclusive information as to her whereabouts, and, secondly, the media coverage of this case has brought unpleasant consequences.”

The Metropolitan Police Service released a written statement about the death threats against the Madeleine McCann parents:

“In consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service and the McCann family the material will now be assessed and decisions made as to what further action if any should be undertaken.”

The woman behind the public campaign to compile the social media pages told Sky News she did it because of the increasingly menacing nature of the posts, and the fact that Internet service providers appeared unwilling to block the Madeleine McCann content.

“As it steadily got worse, we were finding people going online who were claiming to live near the McCanns … We’re very worried that it’s only going to take someone to act out some of these discussions, some of the threats that have been made. And we couldn’t live with ourselves if that happened and we’d done nothing.”

Police are working on leads to track down the people responsible for making the death threats against the parents of Madeleine McCann. According to UPI, the missing British girl’s parents were initially considered suspects when the girl disappeared, but were cleared by Portuguese police in 2008.