Mariah Carey Performs Voiceover On ‘American Dad’

Mariah Carey has continued to enjoy a career in television as she is set to appear in ‘American Dad’ later this month to do voiceover work for a character named Laura. She will play Laura, who isn’t quite like the pop diva.

The singer becomes Laura, a Southern football fan who meets Stan at a Cowboys game and invites him to join her tailgating festivities. However, it’s all too good be true — Stan’s ideal Thanksgiving-day game turns out to be a dream; in actuality, he is stuck at home with his in-laws. That’s some tough turkey.

“Mariah was great to have in the studio,” says executive producer Matt Weitzman. “She’d never done voiceover work before, but she was clearly so comfortable in front of the mike. She’s naturally funny.”

The singer will show off her accent abilities in a forthcoming episode of the animated comedy, created by Seth MACFarlane, according to bosses at U.S. network Fox.

Ashton Kutcher has also been lined up to lend his voice to a character on the upcoming season of MACFarlane’s other hit series Family Guy, while Daniel Radcliffe will return to The Simpsons to play a strange older boy encountered by Bart.

Actresses Elisabeth Moss, Kristen Wiig and Eva Longoria have also signed up to voice characters in The Simpsons’ 25th season, with the Mad Men star portraying a mother who names her baby after hapless dad Homer when he delivers the tot.

Bridesmaids comedienne Wiig will voice an agent for America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation in the premiere episode, which will air on 29 September (13) in the U.S.

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