Martin Sheen To Join Charlie On Sitcom

The 71-year-old Martin Sheen is set to join his son Charlie on his new sitcom “Anger Managemen,” to play a role he is already accustomed to, his father.

Martin Sheen will join the show as it begins to air on the FX channel. It will make its debut on June 28th. Charlie himself confirmed the news to Access Hollywood that his real-life dad will be part of the cast.

“Yeah, yeah it’s very true. As the shows developed, we’re discovering who my family is as I discuss them,” Sheen told Jill Martin of Access Hollywood. “We’re going to find out this guy does have major issues with his pop and when that character does finally show up, it will be my dad.”

Charlie also went into detail about the character he will be playing. “Charlie Goodson – he is an ex-ballplayer who had his own anger [issues during] his career, and so he went back to school to become a therapist,” Charlie explained. “But he’s a guy that’s [has a] bit of a percolation underneath the surface.

Martin’s character will eventually be worked into the show after the first few episodes. He has played in roles previous to this as Charlie’s dad, once in the movie. “Wall Street: No Code of Conduct,” and on another sitcom, “Spin City” for two episodes.

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