Mary J Blige Birthday Celebration With “Let’s Go Crazy”

Mary J Blige Birthday – Looking more toned and radiant than ever before, Mary J Blige celebrating her 40th and telling secrets on how others can achieve and maintain that glowingly healthy skin and slim body.

She begins her day by exercising with celebrity personal trainer, Gunnar Peterson, and Fitness magazine reports that he bases many of his workouts with Mary J Blige on no-equipment-needed exercises, like a twisting lunge, that you can do anywhere. Gunnar, who also trains Penelope Cruz, Angelina Jolie, and Jennifer Lopez, told Glamour magazine that diet success doesn’t require constant deprivation.

“When it comes to food, don’t always trade down. Constant deprivation is no way to live. Don’t always skip the delicious stuff for raw carrots and brown rice,” he said. The workouts can be extreme, but they are part of a healthy lifestyle because the older you get, the harder is will be to stay in shape if you don’t exercise.

The veteran singer and spiritual godmother of modern R&B is celebrating her birthday today. She turns 40 years old today, but she looks darn close to age 25, so cut her an extra large slice of cake.

Mary J. Blige enjoys Prince’s “Let’s Go Crazy” as her favorite song to work out with. She is a strong woman and knows how to maintain her youthful spirit. Not only is she able to manage and maintain a sometimes demanding schedule, but she also has to take time for her musical career AND a fashion-forward sense of style that keeps us all guessing, but she tells everyone that working out is the key.

After bursting onto the music scene in 1992, with her debut album What’s the 411?, Mary J. Blige spawned the iconic hit “Real Love.” One of the first big discoveries of a young Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs, she delivered one of the best voices in modern music, full of sweet soul, street toughness and twinges of gospel and jazz.

That remarkable instrument was set to a sturdy batch of beats, and the result was the birth of hip-hop soul, which few people have done better since. Mary J. Blige is a legend who started a new genre of music.

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