Ryan Seacrest In Talks For Matt Lauer’s Spot on Today

Matt Lauer – Matt Lauer’s contract expires next year, which means NBC needs to find someone to fill his spot, and that happens to be Ryan Seacrest who just might co-host The Today Show.

It’s a big move for NBC and the ‘American Idol’ host, who’s widely known to reach a younger audience, but it could raise the stakes for morning television.

The networks are scrambling to make big changes next year CBS has revamped the ‘Early Show’ by adding Charlie Rose and Gayle King.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” has doubled the performance of CBS’ “Early Show” but it’s NBC’s “Today” that has been ranked #1 for several years.

Lauer has a big following, but his contract prevents him from going to another network for at least a couple of years, and if Seacrest takes his chair, that will mean more viewers.

Seacrest already has several jobs that keeps him busy. He’s the ‘American Idol’ host, he does a radio show each day, he’s a producer for several reality shows, but adding more to his plate might be the wrong move unless he’s willing to give up some of the other responsibilities.

Lauer’s replacement isn’t going to be easy because it’s big shoes to fill, and it would take someone like Seacrest with equal likeability and energy to fill the chair.