Matt Lauer Intern Flattered By ‘Today’ Host Apology

Matt Lauer has made a public apology to former intern Mark Zinni, who worked at the Today show back in 1997, for not being nice.

“I was an intern there in ’97, his first year on the job…how do I say this…? He was… not nice,” Zinni tweeted at a friend earlier that day.

Soon after, Zinni was asked by his Twitter followers if he could clarify the reference about Lauer, and a few hours later he retweeted.

“‘I was just a young kid with a bright future ahead of me,’ Mark Zinni talking about internship at Today and ‘not so nice’ Matt Lauer,” the follower wrote.

Then a response from Laurer to Zinni.

“Huh? Always tried to be nice Mark. Sorry you didn’t think so,” Lauer wrote in a tweet directed at Zinni. “Hope you’re doing well. Matt.”

Zinni, who is currently a Cleveland-based anchor and reporter, addressed the resulting media attention in a post to the Fox 8 website on Thursday, March 28.

“If you know me, you probably know that I don’t take myself too seriously,” he wrote, adding that he had “an amazing internship” at the Today show back in 1997. “So, my answer was more of a joke about being young and naive during my time at Today, but I added that he wasn’t nice to me.”

“I didn’t slam the guy, I just made an honest comment,” he continued. “Bottom line, I was shocked Matt Lauer even bothered with me and, really, he remembers me? I’m flattered.”

It’s not the first time that Laurer made headlines. Earlier this week, Lauer was part of a New York magazine story that revealed some dark troubles going on behind the camera surrounding the departure of Ann Curry, which Lauer seemingly in the middle of it all.

“Everybody at NBC, everybody at the Today show, everybody understood that Ann was kicked out of her position because Matt didn’t want her there,” a prominent NBC staffer told New York writer Joe Hagan. “That’s why it was so personal between Ann and Matt.”

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