Matt McConaughey, Channing Tatum Attended Male Review For ‘Magic Mike’

Matt McConaughey and Channing Tatum went to a male review in New Orleans last year in order to prepare for their roles in “Magic Mike.” This is where the Fool’s Gold actor began to get a better understanding of how his character, Dallas, the club boss should run his business in the film.

In an interview at Culver City’s Cinema Bar in CA., McConaughey and Tatum recalled an experience they had prior to filming.

“We drive out of town. It’s down, down. It’s not on Bourbon Street. It’s Out. Of. Town. It’s in a strip mall between you know, Gonzalo’s tacos and a laundromat, and a mattress store,” McConaughey said. “So we get there early, we’re sitting there talking to a couple guys. They’re decent enough guys — one’s a lawyer, the other one’s back from the armed services, he’s got three kids at home… Anyway, women start coming in, most of them are older women, we sneak into the back, and all of a sudden boom! These guys are coming out on stage, they’re dancing!”

However, it was the lack of care and organization for the business that got McConaughey’s imagination wondering.

“The production in there — it was just poor production. I mean, the sound cues, the record scratch, the lighting, there was nothing running. None of the women seemed to care,” McConaughey said. “But that’s when I was like, ‘All right, my guy Dallas is the emcee, he’s the master of ceremonies, he’s producing this review, he’s choreographing, and we’re gonna run this thing tight, baby!’ ”

McConaughey even took the lead when the cameras were not rolling, by adding authentic introductions for all the dancers in “Magic Mike,” which later became part of the script.

“I really got into entrances and exits. And I remember that first day that everyone came out and danced, I had written all this stuff — I want to introduce each one of my guys, give them a different introduction, a different theme song… It was like Dallas was directing the theater,” McConaughey said. “Lights green for Tarzan. Let’s get the jungle music for that. But I always had to make sure that [Channing] was the main guy, he’s the star of our show. So the way I talked about Mike always had to be very different than the way I talked about anyone else. But everyone had to have a different sort of story, and it was fun to go back and go, if this is a female fantasy — we’re giving females fantasies here — so how is each character in a different demographic of the female fantasy?”

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