Matthew Fox Charges Dropped By Bus Driver Incident

A lawsuit against “Lost” actor Matthew Fox over charges he assaulted a female bus driver in Cleveland last year, were dropped by the alleged victim. Fox had been in the Ohio city last summer to film a movie called “I, Alex Cross.”

During that time,Heather Bormann claimed that at 1:22 in the morning on August 28th, the actor boarded her bus and demanded he be driven straight back to his hotel. Bormann said that when she refused, he hit her with a barrage of punches described in a police report as “sudden and severe blows to [her] right breast, groin, arm and legs, inflicting severe, disabling injury and pain.”

Bormann never filed any criminal charges against Fox, but later filed a lawsuit against him for assault, battery and infliction of emotional distress.

Bormann’s original attorney withdrew from the case because she “intentionally failed and refused to provide full and timely cooperation and information.” The trial was delayed in order to give Bormann time to find a new lawyer.

Fox who had been denying the incident, had also filed a counter suit for defamation. However, on Thursday a judge dropped the suit against Fox with prejudice after Bormann informed the court she was withdrawing the case.

In return, Fox and his attorneys dropped the counter suit.

“Today’s dismissal validates our contention from day one that the original accusations were entirely baseless,” Fox’s attorney Ian Friedman said. “We are all glad that the truth has surfaced, and Ms. Bormann’s dismissal of all claims brings this case to an end.”

Bormann’s original attorney, J. Norman Stark. does believe that Fox did assault her, and that an incident report was filed with authorities at the time. But he believes when he advised her that Fox’s group had filed a counterclaim, and he told her it would become a very expensive case, she decided she could not afford it.

“I told her Fox’s attorneys filed a serious counterclaim,” Stark said. “I told her it will be very costly to defend her against their counterclaim. She decided as a single mother with three children that she couldn’t afford it.”

Stark said before dropping out of the case, he had tried to reach a reasonable settlement with Fox, but he rejected it. With a judge dismissing the case with prejudice, that means Bormann can never bring a suit against Fox over the matter again.

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