McCartney Son BBC Interview Crashes

Paul McCartney does his interviews in style with plenty of talk and comedy, but his son James is clearly quiet. He was hoping to promote his new album when he spoke to BBC Breakfast.

It was a very awkward interview that got people talking. The 35-year-old musician took part in a interview on Tuesday morning that has been described on Twitter as “car crash television.”

Sitting on the BBC Breakfast sofa presenters Bill Turnbull and Susanna Reid had to ask detailed questions in order to fill the silence when James repeatedly gave short answers.

The presenters kicked things off by talking about James’ long US tour and said: “That sounds pretty tiring,” to which McCartney answered with a monosyllabic “Yeah.”

Reid did his best to draw more information out and asked “Was it?” and McCartney elaborated slightly and said: “No it was OK. It was good fun.”

After watching a clip of James singing, Turnbull asked whether it was a prerequisite to play “all sorts of different instruments,” due to his McCartney heritage.

It appeared that James didn’t know or understand what the word prerequisite meant and stumbled over his words saying: “Is it? Not really. But for me it is… No, I don’t know.”

Despite his overly cautious approach towards the interview James did open up more when asked directly about his music.

Susanna sparked the interview into life when quizzing him about how long his new album “Me” took to make and the creative process behind it.

“Maybe a couple of years, going into different studios, spending time writing the lyrics and the music, just enjoying the process,” he said.

When Turnbull tried to lighten the mood slightly by jokingly asking who the man credited as playing drums, guitar and vocals on the album was. Bill asked who exactly is Paul McCartney, but James replied completely, “oh he’s my father,”

When pushed further about how much involvement the Beatle had James added: “He played on one of the songs ‘Thinking About Rock And Roll.’ Just the one track.”

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