Mel Gibson Divorce Is Final, Robyn Gets $425 Million

Mel Gibson and ex-wife Robyn Moore have finally agreed to a divorce settlement after 2 years. The former couple were marriage for more than 3 decades and have seven children. Further details on how the couple split their fortune and the judgement entered by by Superior Court Judge Mark Juhas are confidential.

One question remains though, is the official date of separation, which was not listed. Robyn Gibson noted on his paperwork that they have not been living together since early 2006. They have a 12-year-old son who is subject to a custody agreement.

The divorce was more low-key in comparison to the custody battle between Mel and Oksana Grigorieva who agreed to a financial settlement of $750,000 in August.

Grigorieva secretly recorded Gibson sounding off racist remarks and at times, sexist tirades that lasted for several minutes, and accusations of domestic violence. The “Braveheart” actor entered a no contest plead to a misdemeanor battery count in March.

Coincidentally, ex-wife Robyn defended Mel by stating he had never abused her or their children together. The statement was filed as a brief declaration in the Grigorieva case.

Divorce attorneys say that Mel and Robyn Gibson worked together for months to reach a financial settlement. Court records show that the former married couple agreed and signed the terms on Wednesday.

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