Mel Gibson’s Dad Alleges Elder Abuse From His Wife

Actor Mel Gibson’s 93-year-old dad, Hutton Gibson, is seeking a divorce with the help of his celebrity son from his second wife, Teddy Joye Gibson, who is accused of elder spousal abuse.

Hutton is very ill from several different health issues for which he takes many different medications for, and Teddy wants the medicating to stop to expedite her husband’s death who she claims is just suffering.

Teddy Joye, who is the stepmother to Mel and his 10 siblings, wants them to step back and let Hutton die, claiming that is what thier father want’s. But Mel wants his father out of the house and her care as soon as possible believing she also abusing him.

Hutton himself filed for the divorce papers and signed them in shaky handwriting with Mel vowing to go to court if he has to, too make sure Teddy can no longer have an effect on his father.

Hutton married Teddy Joye in 2002 after his first wife, Anne passed away in 1990. In the divorce fillings, Hutton is also seeking spousal support and attorney’s fees. Mel himself is currently looking after his father making sure he receives all his prescribed medications.

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