Metallica Helps FBI Catch Killer

The metal band Metallica is trying to help the FBI catch a killer after one of their fans was found dead following a concert.

Virginia Tech student Morgan Harrington, 20, had disappeared in October of 2009 just after watching Metallica perform in Charlottesville, Va., then 3 months later her body was found in a remote hay field 10 miles away from where the show took place.

Morgan had last been seen hitchhiking after the concert, and her t-shirt was found in front of an apartment building near the area. A camera and some jewelry she was known to have on her were never found.

A new campaign by the FBI to find the killer was launched on Wednesday, after some new composite sketches of the suspected killer were made, when DNA testing linked the killer to a 2005 sexual assault of a Fairfax City women. With Morgan’s father, Gil saying that it is an “abomination” to have to suffer through the murder of a child.

After hearing of the new search for the killer Metallica lead singer, James Hetfield wanted to help by making a PSA to urge anyone with information to come forward, and they also offered and additional $50,000 reward to the already $100,000 the FBI had offered for information leading to the capture of the unknown killer.

In the PSA Hetfield says, “Remember, any information — no matter how small you might think it is — could be that crucial piece investigators need to help solve the case.”

The video will be played on YouTube and the FBI’s website, with fliers that include sketches of the suspected killer will be placed in bus shelters and on digital billboards up and down the East Coast.

Hetfield said he wanted to help because “As a father” he was “outraged.”

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