Michael Jackson Death Anniversary, Music Lives On, Fans Miss Him

Today marks the third year since the death of Michael Jackson died, but his fans still miss him, and his music legacy will continue to inspire others.

His voice captured the heart of soul, and Michael’s music videos shot the form to a whole new level, and his personal style set trends across the globe.

The ‘King of Pop’ played a central role in the crossover of African-American artists to the mainstream, making him a hero to his community and a role model for countless artists who followed in his wake.

The singer’s first leap into pop music still ripples to this day. The Daily News reports that at the impossible age of 12, he sang in a voice of startling maturity and feeling. His lead vocal on “I Want You Back” burned with a need even the most practiced singers came to envy – and it went straight to No. 1.

Along with his brothers, Jackson went on to score hits in dizzying succession, continuing with “ABC” and “The Love You Save,” two explosive songs of concentrated angst and release.

The next Jackson 5 single, a ballad, “I’ll Be There,” proved he could show tenderness and devotion as well as passion and ecstasy.

Jackson’s work with his brothers did more than score bulls-eye’s on the charts. Their relationship gave the mass media a model of a cohesive African-American family operating in joy and harmony at a time when race raged as a dividing point in the country. From that moment on, Michael Jackson’s story would be as much about symbolism as talent.

For the rest of the ’70s, Jackson cut meaningful records, both with his group, and on his own.

It wasn’t until 1979, at the age of 20, that the world learned that the entertainer could make that rarest of leaps – from child star to adult contender, and, soon enough, to become a world superstar.

With producer Quincy Jones, Jackson released his first grownup album, “Off the Wall,” a work that gave their mix of funk, soul, jazz, and pop a unique stamp.

Then came, “Thriller,” which is still one of the top-selling albums of all-time. Songs like “Beat It,” and “Billie Jean” are still being played as today’s kids marvel at dance moves they’ve never seen before. Jackson was simply the best in music and style.

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