Michael Jackson’s Kids And Family On X Factor Tribute

Michael Jackson’s Kids – Michael Jackson’s brothers, kids, and mom were in the audience as the X Factor made a tribute and saluted the King of Pop.

“It’s my favorite show!” Katherine Jackson told host Steve Jones as he introduced them. Later, he got Prince and Paris to say a few words, too, though Blanket proved to be a little more quieter.

Josh Krajcik reached as far into Jackson’s rock repertoire as he could go and pulled out “Dirty Diana,” which the masterful 30-year-old turned into a perfect fit for his gravelly voice. We barely even noticed the bells and whistles, but Simon did–and he wasted no time in blaming Nicole Scherzinger for the “overproduction.”

Astro may have been the only finalist who elevated his song, “Black or White,” to another level, choosing to leave the familiar chorus to the backup singers and layer his own rap lyrics over the melody. “I like to think that the Jackson family is as proud as I am of you, because that was truly, truly amazing,” praised mentor L.A. Reid.

Marcus Canty picked the perfect night to really get his Usher on, his dance moves, showmanship, and voice finally all coming together on “P.Y.T.”

Chris Rene performed the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There,” to varying degrees of success. As usual, he inserted some clever, original rap lyrics. Paula said, he “manifests in the heart department.”

It’s a good thing Melanie Amaro was closing the show, because she would have ruined it for anyone coming after her. As L.A. said, she temporarily transformed the competition into a Melanie concert with her Whitney-licious performance of “Earth Song.” “If that doesn’t save a small country somewhere, I don’t know what will!” marveled Nicole.

More importantly, however, the Michael Jackson family thought the top seven hit it out of the park tonight, with Katherine saying every contestant did “an excellent job,” Prince calling it a “really well put-together show” and Paris thought they were all “absolutely fantastic.”