Michael Lohan Arrested In Tampa For Domestic

Tampa police arrested Michael Lohan, the father of actress Lindsay Lohan, Tuesday morning after a domestic dispute and charged him with battery. Police say Michael was picked up around 1:10 a.m. and taken to St. Joseph’s Hospital after complaining to officers about chest pains. They arrested him upon his release.

Police say he was involved in a domestic dispute with his live-in girlfriend. According to an arrest affidavit, his girlfriend told officers he grabbed her by the arm and threatened to throw her off the fourth-story balcony.

The woman suffered minor bruising, police say. Lohan also threw a remote control at her and smashed her cell phone. Lohan denied that he put his hands on the woman, according to the affidavit. However, he admitted to breaking her cell phone because he was mad.

Lohan was also arrested in March and was accused of holding an ex-girlfriend against her will, according to records.

At age 20, Lohan became a Wall Street trader on the floor of the commodity exchange. After he began working on Wall Street, he succumbed to what he has described as the “culture” there, and began using cocaine. In 1982, at age 22, he also began drinking.

In 1990, Lohan was investigated for insider trading and convicted of criminal contempt of court. He was sentenced to three years in jail in Nassau County, and was released in 1993 on five years probation. During this time, his daughter Lindsay had started modeling for the Ford Models agency and had begun starring in commercials, and by the time of his release in 1993, she was at the pinnacle of her career.

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