Michael Lohan Arrest Part 2

The estranged father of actress Lindsay Lohan, Michael Lohan, was placed under arrest again and was back in police custody Thursday. Hours after being released from a Tampa jail on domestic violence charges Michael threatened his on and off again girlfriend. Tampa police responded to a 911 call from his girlfriend, Kate Major, when she told police Lohan made a harassing phone call to her shortly after being released from jail Wednesday afternoon.

He then called again while police were at Major’s condo, when she put the call on speaker so police could listen. After hearing what Michael Lohan said, the police department notified the Hillsborough County State Attorney’s Office of a violation of Judge Walter Heinrich’s pre-trial release orders that he stay away from Major and an arrest order was authorized. Police went to the Tahitian Inn in Tampa, where he was reportedly staying.

According to a news release from police, Lohan spotted the officers and jumped off a third-floor balcony in an attempt to escape. He was placed under arrest after a short pursuit on foot. He was taken into police custody and taken to the Hillsborough County Jail. There, deputies suspected he may have broken his foot when he jumped off the balcony, so he was taken to Tampa General Hospital for evaluation.

Authorities said he will be returned to the jail once he’s been cleared by doctors.

Michael Lohan was arrested Tuesday on domestic violence charges involving Major, a former reporter for the Star tabloid. Police say he grabbed her arms and pushed her down multiple times during a daylong argument. When he was released from jail Wednesday, he said he “didn’t do anything” and the charges were Major’s way of making money.

The St. Petersburg Times reported that Michael claimed Kate set him up to be overheard by police Thursday. “She needs help, she calls me, and I’m a sucker so I call her back. I’m an idiot,” he said as he was being put into the back of a police cruiser.

In the past Michael Lohan has been arrested for insider trading when he worked on Wall Street, He was also involved in drug use at an early age. It was also revealed on Celebrity Rehab that had left main cardiac disease. Although he had previously had a blockage in his right coronary artery, the blockage at his left main coronary artery, which physician Drew Pinsky believed was caused by his past cocaine use, placed him at high risk for a cardiac event, and required him to avoid stress and anger.