Michael McKean’s Accident Was A Laughing Matter In NYC

Only actor Michael McKean can make jokes about a serious accident in New York City and turn it into a laughing matter, which doctors say taking humor seriously is the best medicine for the body to rid trauma and pain.

There must be some truth to that because McKean, who’s currently cast in Broadway’s “The Best Man” and is also famous for his role as Lenny on ’70s sitcom fave “Laverne and Shirley,” is reportedly cracking jokes days after he was struck by a car in New York City.

According to the New York Post, McKean – who was mowed down by a runaway cab Tuesday as he strolled down the sidewalk of New York’s Upper West Side – is on the mend and in good spirits following the shocking accident.

“We always tell each other to break a leg in this business. I never thought it would happen to me this way!” he reportedly told “The Best Man’s” producer, referring to his literally broken leg and the facial lacerations he received.

According to the paper, McKean had surgery on Wednesday.

It’s not yet clear when the actor will return to the Tony-nominated play, which also stars James Earl Jones, Angela Lansbury, Eric McCormack, John Larroquette and Candice Bergen, but reports indicate the production’s using an understudy as McKean recovers.

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