Michelle Pfeiffer’s ‘Kiss’ Was Best Part For Zac Efron

Michelle Pfeiffer Efron Kiss – Zac Efron has revealed that kissing older actress Michelle Pfeiffer was the best part of their new movie.

The young star is 24 and she’s 53, which is 29 years older. The actor insists he was thrilled to lock lips on the set of their new movie together.

When morning show Today host Matt Lauer quizzed the co-stars, asking them if their near 30 year age gap made it an awkward moment, Efron immediately jumped in.

“Are you kidding? It’s the best part in the movie!” he exclaimed.

The co-stars then revealed that the kiss was originally not scripted, and it was them who came up with the idea themselves.

Efron added, “It turned out to be really fun. It was kind of our idea. We really wanted to spice it.” But Pfeiffer said at first she was a little nervous about the scene, adding, “It is always a little bit nerve racking those scenes.”

“I think we started out thinking it was going to be a little more of a shock than it ends up being.”

Despite declaring kissing Pfeiffer as his favorite part of the film, Efron has said that the actual action wasn’t as passionate as he thought would be, all thanks to him.

He later told Hollywood Access, “Those things are best to do spontaneous. Have fun and be in the moment. I definitely thought about how it was going to go down.”