Michelle Williams Featured On Elle UK Cover

Michelle Williams Elle Uk – Michelle Williams is featured on the cover of Elle UK.

While she looks as fresh as fresh can be in her Prada lip dress, she’s obviously an old soul as indicated by what she talked about on the inside pages of this publication.

In fact, Michelle Williams talked about her upcoming flick, My Week with Marilyn, and in doing so she talked about a ghostly perception from Marilyn Monroe, the person for whom she plays. Talk about an old soul! Here’s what the award-winning actress said about this situation in the December issue of Elle UK:

“While we were filming, something came out in the National Enquirer that a psychic had spoken to her and that she approved of what we were doing and she thought I was doing a really good job. So maybe she likes it,” Williams stated.

So, that may have been the spooky part, but the rest of the work Michelle put in was, well, hard work. She said she listened to numerous tapes to get MM’s voice down, and she watches numerous videos of the blonde bombshell. Still, this M found it “daunting” to live up to her expectations of how to play this iconic personality.

Michelle also noted the many similarities she has to the late Marilyn Monroe, one being that she was 30 at the time of shooting. And at that time, MM was shooting The Prince and the Showgirl, which is what My Week with Marilyn is all about.

Not only that, but both actresses did their films in the same UK studio: Pinewood. And, to top even that, Michelle shared the same dressed room and shot at the same site, a house called Parkside. In an even more shocking twist of fate (or good planning), Williams reportedly stayed at Parkside while the filming was going on.

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