Miley Cyrus Thanks PETA For 20th Birthday Gift

Miley Cyrus received an interesting birthday wish from a pet pig from PETA named Nora, and the Disney channel Hannah Montana star will always remember turning 20.

Cyrus can also mark her 20th birthday with a brand new haircut that is even shorter than before. It is a chic look well-liked by boyfriend Liam Hemsworth of “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” who is reported to have “fully supported the decision for [Miley] to cut her hair.”

PETA also honored the singer with a pet pig called Nora to recognize her positive stance on animal rights.

“[Miley Cyrus] was talking about cutting her hair even shorter, a choice that Liam was fully behind. Liam loves she’s becoming so new and daring with her look … he feels his fianc√© looks even more beautiful with her decision for an edgier hairstyle,” said an inside source from Perez Hilton. “When Miley told [Liam Hemsworth] about her new haircut, he was all for it. He said she has such a pretty face that the short hair makes her look all the more stunning.”

Among many gifts from both family and friends during this special birthday, Cyrus received something else: a pet pig, to be exact. PETA offered the Hannah Montana celebrity the pet pig because of Cyrus telling via Twitter her love for animals and support of animal rights.

“From promoting animal adoption to speaking out about suffering cows on dairy farms, Miley always lets her Twitter fans know how to make the world a better place for animals,” said Tracy Reiman, VP of PETA. “PETA knew sponsoring a rescued pig named Nora was the best birthday present for the young woman who constantly encourages others to care for animals.”

A fitting gift indeed, and one that would no doubt be great to see Cyrus and Hemsworth spending some quality time together with Nora when not busy in the music studio or movie set.

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