Miley Cyrus Ring Returns, Wedding Back On

Miley Cyrus is either teasing her fans about her ring, or she’s drumming up attention amid rumors that she and actor Liam Hemsworth have split. The singer is again sporting her engagement ring again as if the couple will resume the perfect wedding again.

The ring had been missing for almost two weeks amid rumors that Cyrus had split from Hemsworth. However on Tuesday, it reappeared back on her wedding finger in a photo that Cyrus published on Twitter. It’s hard to say if this was a publicity stunt to end the break up rumors, but it sure sent the message that the two are back together.

The former “Hannah Montana” star was first out and about without her ring two weeks ago, when she was photographed leaving a recording studio in L.A. While the star pledged she and Hemsworth were still very much together on Twitter, she has confirmed that she would no longer address her personal life on the site.

However, last week she broke her rule when she commended Evan Rachel Wood for speaking out against tabloid rumors. She also tweeted with her back-up singer Lindsey J. Lee about the true reason why her ring had mysteriously gone missing. “ugh that’s the worst!” she wrote in response to Lee’s admission that her own ring was being fixed.

“I just had a similar situation except when it happens to me then everyone says my wedding is off,” she wrote.

Cyrus has been in Los Angeles working on her new album. Hemsworth has been spotted abroad visiting his family in Austraia and making promotional appearances.

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