Millionaire Matchmaker Scam Artist Dupes Reality Series

A former bachelor who appeared on the Bravo reality series “The Millionaire Matchmaker” in 2009 is not rich at all, in fact, he’s known as a scam artist to law enforcement officials and has criminal charges pending against him.

Michael Anthony Prozer III pleaded guilty in court to conspiracy to commit mail, wire and bank fraud this week, according to the Tampa Bay Business Journal. A Maryland banker, Fedor Stanley Salinas, who helped Prozer by faking bank statements to make the fraudster appear wealthy, also pleaded guilty. In addition, Prozer pleaded guilty to making a false statement to a financial institution, according to a U.S. attorney.

Prozer appeared on “Millionaire Matchmaker” as the CEO of Xchangeagent Inc., a Pay Pal system for South America and Europe. He definitely failed to impress his date with his jet ski skills.

But in real life, Prozer was picked up after attempting to defraud a Georgia bank by taking out a short-term business loan backed up with $21 million in collateral that didn’t really exist. The scheme lost the bank $3 million.

Prozer’s guilty plea came as a shock to observers, according to ABC News, which reports that a jury had already been selected for the upcoming trial. He faces a multiyear sentence in federal prison.

No word on how Patti Stanger, the matchmaking host of “Millionaire Matchmaker,” feels about being duped. But one thing for sure, other scam artists have found it very difficult to get past her.

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