Mindy McCready Arrested, ‘Son Safe’ As Drama Begins In Court

Mindy McCready Son Drama – Mindy McCready has become more famous in recent days for her personal drama and antics surrounding her son than for her music. No one knows what will unfold in court today, but she is prepared to go to jail if she has to.

Her most recent stunt involved kidnapping her child from his legal guardian because she alleges her mother was abusing him.

A warrant was issued for her arrest when she wouldn’t return the child. She took him to Nashville, Tennessee. McCready also made a formal announcement that she is ‘very pregnant’ with twins.

The former Celebrity Rehab graduate has falling down a slippery slope for addiction and recovery. Her former boyfriend, Billy McKnight, the father of her 5 year old son Zander in a recent interview said he was concerned for her well being.

As for whether or not her or Zander’s physical safety is a concern, McKnight said it definitely was. He said: “She has in the past [hurt herself], I pray to God that she doesn’t, it does give me concern, I don’t want her to hurt herself and I certainly don’t want my son to live a life without his mother.”

Fortunately, Mindy McCready, came to her senses and returned her son Zander to her half brother in Arkansas. Her son is reportedly in route back to Florida to be reunited with his grandmother, who is his legal guardian.

Gayle Inge, Zander’s grandmother and McCready’s mother, was tearful when she talked about the news by phone Friday night with The Associated Press. “I’m real excited that he’s safe,” she said. “But I can’t explain what this is like. We feel for Mindy and we feel for Zander.”