​Miss Howard Stern Arrested For DUI, Andrea Ownbey Crashes Car

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May, 22, 2014 | 8:31 AM

Miss Howard Stern got a DUI after hitting a car and didn’t even realize it. There seems to be a lot of that going on in Hollywood lately, but wait until you hear just how drunk she was. Despite telling the cops that she only drank two glasses of wine, her blood alcohol level was .178, more than twice the legal limit.

Miss However Stern is actually Andrea Ownbey, 29, and was arrested earlier this month in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While this is believed to be Ownbey’s first offense, there are quite a few things working against her. When she goes to court, it will be very interesting to see how lenient the judge will be.

“[An] officer claims Ownbey admitted to drinking two glasses of wine before getting behind the wheel … so he administered a field sobriety test … and she bombed. And to make matters worse, cops say they found a small baggie of weed in the car … as well as a weed pipe and a variety of prescription drugs,” TMZ reported.

However, the DUI isn’t super surprising for some. One might expect someone who won a “Howard Stern” pageant to get in to some kind of mischief at one time or another. But DUI offenses are quite common, especially amongst the rich and the famous. In almost every case, the person made a bad decision to drive after having a few drinks.

Police also found drugs in her car, which means she will likely cause her to lose her license, get fined, and maybe even do some community service.

In 2002, Ownbey was crowned Miss Howard Stern, a title she holds to this day. Having held that honor for so long has warranted a number of appearances on Stern’s show, however it was her first show that she is probably best known for. During her first appearance on the shock jock’s show she was named the “World’s Dumbest Stripper.”

The nickname came from the fact that not only was she a stripper, but she scored an 88 on an IQ test taken while on the Howard Stern show.

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