Miss India Detained – Watch Hasleen Kaur Before Arrest (VIDEO)

Miss India Earth 2011 Hasleen Kaur was detained at the Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport on Wednesday night for allegedly carrying branded purses and cosmetics worth Rs 1.9 lakh (190000 rupees converted to USD $3,620.77) without declaring them.

Custom officials Intercepted Kaur as she arrived at the airport from Thailand on Wednesday night, according to Superintendent of Customs Ashok Pandit.

Kaur was then told by officials that she was carrying branded purses and cosmetics, which she hadn’t declared.

When the officials approached her and stated that they intended to check the goods, she told them that the purses were local products.

Undeterred by her reasoning, the officials detained her, confiscated her belongings, and only then allowed Kaur to leave the airport.

Kaur participated in Miss India 2011 pageant and emerged as the Miss India Earth 2011 winner, where Kanishtha Dhankar was crowned the Miss India World.

Kaur has expressed her support to LGBT rights.

“Why do we define boundaries of love based on sexual orientation? I don’t understand why we should discriminate against a non-heterosexual. They’re completely normal people with the ability to love. Their sexual orientation should in no way be a barrier in whatever they do. Whether it be obtaining jobs, education, a decent place in their family or a loving partner,” she said.

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