Miss USA Contestant Overheard List – Second Woman Comes Forward

After Miss Pennsylvania Sheena Monnin turned in her crown following the Miss USA pageant two weeks ago making allegations, she overheard another contestant list the top 5 before they were announced in order, a second contestant has come forward to support her claims the contest was rigged.

Donald Trump, who owns the pageant, viscously attacked Monnin after the accusations calling her a sore loser and said “by looking at her you can see why she didn’t make the top 15.” He has also said he will sue her for making false allegations that a list of who would be in the finals before it even took place, was seen by one of the other contestants.

Now a second contestant who wanted to remain unnamed, claims to FoxNews.com that she confronted a visibly upset Miss Florida Karina Brez, to see what was wrong, when she revealed to her, she saw a list marked “FINAL SHOW” on the morning of the final day of the contest and it already had the names of the predetermined contestants that would make the top 5 before the judges were even suppose to make that decision.

The unidentified contestant said that Brez at the time, had named four of the top 5 in the same order they were eventually announced that evening, saying Miss Florida could not remember the 5th because she was to upset to find the contest was a sham. She said that whispers had spread out to the other contestants before the final show that a list was already made.

Monnin had claimed that while the live show took place waiting to hear the top 5 to be announced, Brez, stood backstage next to her and said “I know who the top 5 are” and then proceeded to call out the names before they were announced in order.

After being questioned by Trump, Brez denied seeing any list and Monnin believes that she changed her story out of fear.

“A lot of the girls now are very upset about how Pennsylvania is being treated and aggressively attacked by an organization that claims to empower women,” the second contestant said, adding that other potential witnesses are afraid to speak out given the threats of lawsuits and further trouble. “But if they had to testify in court, I’m sure the girls would do it.”

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