Mitchell Guist Autopsy Reveals Natural Causes Death

Mitchell Guist was one of the favored characters of History Channel’s “Swamp People,” but he died earlier this week and the preliminary autopsy performed revealed that he passed away from natural causes. Guist, who was 48 years old, lived in a houseboat on the Lousiana bayou.

Early reports this week had indicated that Guist had been traveling down the Intercoastal Waterway in Lousiana on Monday when he fell in a boat and began to have a seizure. However, it has been learned that Guist had been working on his houseboat and had just launched it into the Belle River, when he collapsed while pushing it into the water.

Life saving efforts were attempted at the scene to no avail, and he was later officially pronounced dead at a local hospital.

According to Ascension Parish Sheriff Jeff Wiley, local coroner Dr. John Fraiche performed the autopsy and determined the death was due to natural causes despite Guist only being middle aged.

His 49th birthday was to be this Friday, but now funeral services for the seasoned alligator hunter are scheduled for Saturday.

“Mitchell passed on the swamp, doing what he loved,” said History Channel spokesperson Vicky Kahn.

Brian Catalina, executive producer of “Swamp People” had said, “We’ve lost a really important part of our family and a treasured friend.”

Guist was often featured partnering with his brother Glenn on the show as they hunted alligators during a one-month hunting season in the Lousiana swamps.

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