Nadya Suleman Denies Claims Of Child Neglect

Nadya Suleman is back in the news again for child neglect claims made by two of her former nannies. Suleman will not face charges after the Orange County District Attorney’s Office concluded its investigation. Prosecutors got the case this morning from La Habra police and determined there is “insufficient evidence to prove anyone has committed a crime in that home,” D.A. chief of staff Susan Kang Schroeder said in a statement.

Octomom faced the investigation after one of her caretakers previously told reporters that theyhad witnessed one of the older children sexually abusing one of the younger siblings and that they believed the kids “were in danger.”

Octomom’s manager, meanwhile, told E! News that the allegations were entirely false and that one of the former Suleman employees had become obsessed with the children and had contacted the rep about writing a book.

“Her [sic] and the other woman claiming to be a nanny are also good friends with each other and are trying to make money,” the rep said. “This is why Nadya chose to move far away [from La Habra].”

With this behind her, Suleman can go back to career-hopping between strip clubs, adult productions and other promotional appearances.

In fact, the cast of a drag review called Hot Mess is lining up to roast the easy target at XL Cabaret in New York City this weekend.

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