Naked Man High On Drugs At Orlando Bloom’s House

A naked man, who was screaming a lot of words because he was high on drugs, was arrested at Orlando Bloom’s house, which brought back a familiar zombie apocalypse when police arrived to investigate.

The drug induced nude man was running through the streets of a Hollywood neighborhood, where many celebrities are known to live, prior to announcing to everyone that he was high on drugs. When cops arrived at the scene, they found the crazed man in the middle of the street lying face down. Reportedly, when they attempted to approach him, he sprang into the bushes.

“Officers put on black gloves before pulling him out and tackling him to the floor,” Daily Mail Online reported. “The man, who has not been identified, was handcuffed with his hands behind his back and driven away.”

It has not been reported who made the call to police or what charges the unidentified man will be facing. However, this incident has many people wondering what other impending darkness the zombie induced drugs will bring.

“It sounds very much as if this man had ended up taking the same or a similar drug to the one that made that guy go berserk on the motorway and tear another guy’s face off with his teeth,” Sar wrote on the Daily Mail blog. “This particular drug seems to cause the body temperature to rise so high that they are desperate – and I wonder if the guy realised what was happening and although half-crazed by the drug, warned the police that that was what had happened to him.”

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