​Naomi Campbell Mugged In An Attempted Robbery In Paris​​

By: | 01/04/2021 06:01 PM ET
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Naomi Campbell was mugged in an attempted robbery by two men while in Paris.

The British supermodel reported to authorities that on Nov. 21, two men on motorbikes attacked her in the Marais area of Paris.

A police source quoted by the UK’s Press Association said: “On November 21, two people on a motorbike attempted to steal Ms Campbell’s handbag as she sat in a vehicle on Rue de Moussy.

The New York Post reports that Campbell was trying to hail a cab when she was toppled over and robbed. She tore a ligament in her leg, which explains why she has been seen around New York using crutches and being pushed in an electric wheelchair.

The attackers have not yet been caught nor is it clear what they took from her, “but it’s believed they were targeting expensive jewelry she may have been wearing,” states the Post.

The Post reports Campbell’s billionaire boyfriend of five years, Vladimir Doronin, spirited her off to Vail, Colo., for treatment by an orthopedic specialist, and has upped security around her.

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