Natalie Maines Debuts Solo Career Without ‘Dixie Chicks’

Natalie Maines performs her solo debut “Mother” at the South by Southwest music festival without her “Dixie Chicks” in Austin, Texas.

It has been almost 10 years since Maines slammed then-President George W. Bush and sealed the fate her country music band.

“We missed you, Natalie!” one fan hollered to Maines. The 38-year-old just smiled and didn’t respond back.

When asked about why she seems so nervous on stage she responded, “I ask myself, `Why is that? What are you doing, girl?'” Maines told The Associated Press the next morning at a downtown Austin hotel. “I think right now I have so much to remember. This is the most guitar I’ve ever had to play.”

Maines isn’t expecting to win back her Dixie Chicks’ fans.

“I like what the three of us had together,” Maines said of the Dixie Chicks. “I did what was required. It felt like my job. I felt like a businesswoman in the industry I was in. I feel like I accepted that and waved that country flag but always felt like I was holding on to who I was, and we were still considered rebellious in the Top 40 country market. But it was news to me that people thought I was something I wasn’t.”

“The cat just feels out of the bag now,” Maines said. “I’m not sure I can go back to that.”

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