Neil Diamond Weds Manager Katie McNeil In Beverly Hills

Neil Diamond married his manager Katie McNeil Saturday night in Beverly Hills after announcing his engagement last September. Diamond, 71, hosted a “quiet and intimate” setting for his wedding by inviting family and friends. This is the third marriage for the singer.

It is the first marriage for McNeil.

The amazing part about the couple is how they met. She was the executive producer for the documentary “Neil Diamond: Hot August Night NYC” in 2009. The two met during the filming and have been in love ever since.

Diamond was once married to his high school sweetheart Jayne Posner and later to production assistant Marcia Murphey.

He awarded Murphey $150 million in their 1995 divorce, which is the second-highest celebrity divorce settlement, according to Forbes.

Diamond will begin a summer tour in the United States beginning June 1.

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