Nick Cannon Admits Affair And Apologizes

Nick Cannon is apologizing to his ex, model and singer Christina Millian, for an affair he had 7 years ago.

Mariah Carey’s husband once had a relationship with model and singer Christina Milian, in which ended after he cheated on her, and now nearly 7 years later he is apologizing to her for it.

Christina Milian was a phone-in guest on Nick Cannon’s radio show this past week to discuss her role on NBC’s “The Voice” when co-host Sarah Lee turned the topic to that affair he had when they were dating from 2003 to 2005.

He told Milian, “If I didn’t say it before, I do apologize. I’m sorry for the things that I did.”

During the break-up, Cannon stated that he didn’t stay faithful to Milian because the relationship was becoming too much like a “Christian romance.”

Previously, Milian had already forgiven Cannon for the affair, when Cannon and Carey got married Milian said, “regardless of what I felt in the past at the time, I actually forgive him, and I’m very much over that.”

In the radio interview with Cannon, Milian said, “Regardless of my big mouth back in the day, honestly, I’ve got all great things to say about Nick.”

She also congratulated him on being a new father to twins with Carey.

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